Looted Asante Artifacts

During the various British expedition and ransacking of Kumasi, many Asante items were looted and taken to Britain. These objects, stolen from their homeland currently adorn European and North American museums. Below are images of looted and contested artifacts in Europe and North America.

Fig. 74. The Golden head of Karikari. This object was taken from Kumasi by the British forces in 1874 during the ransacking of the capital. This piece, considered to be “The largest surviving gold work of art from Sub-Saharan Africa. This object is currently in the Wallace Collection.

Fig. 78. Wooden stool of Nana Kofi Karikari

Looted in 1874

Currently in the Pitt River Museum

Fig. 79. Amulet case

Looted by British troops during the 3rd Anglo-Asante War

National Museum of Scotland

Fig. 80. Looted collection of Asante king Kofi Karikari

Taken from Kumasi, 1884

Royal Collection Trust

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